Mankind Beyond

Mankind Beyond (former Project Ultra) is a game with a humoristic game design.

This is an early access game and it has been published on Steam. There's only one person developing this game.

In the game you will work as a physicist in an Norwegian reverse engineering program of alien technology.

This game contains references to many UFO conspiracies so if you follow the development of this subject and you like playing videogames, then this game is for you.

This game already has all the Unity-assets it needs.

Next update coming in a few months

Planned features not yet implemented:

  • Timetravel (in a form of a cutscene)
  • Buying a house and choosing the decoration
  • Mine cryptocurrencies and grow weed in your house
  • More cars in the carshop
  • More tasks to do in Area 15
  • More weapons that you can sell to Russia
  • In a later stage you can visit Russia in order to complete missions
  • In a later stage the big hangar door will open

Before the game comes out of Early Access it will have custom 3D-models and also be optimized for better performance, and any known bugs will be fixed. (bugs will also be fixed during Early Access)

Next game?

The next game could be an VR horrorgame but it's hard to say for certain until the development of Mankind Beyond is finished.

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